Another 9/11 passes~

How would we ever forget that tragic day! All Americans will once again be reminded that we are not alone on this planet and there are others that do Not share the same views as we do~  So much disregard for another humans Life or their well being as neighbors seems to be now common place~ Are we In ? Are we Out? I don't know myself? I bring this up as with no clear direction in the Middle East we could conclude that we likewise have no clear direction for the market~ Do we train Syrians and empower them as we did Iraqi's Only to abandon them and suffer Great American loss of Life for nothing again?  I have NO answers ,but, I have friends I have come to know here and become close with enlisted in serving Our country~ I Fear for their well being abroad and those who choose to cover the story as we await some resolution. You are only as Strong as your weakest link and with an approval rating of less than 35% now Ours is Obvious! These coming elections are SO Important to the Future of this country I implore you to exercise your right to vote! Bring Our Men and Women Home and let there be no more Americans blood shed for those that will Never find Peace! For 2000 years this War has never gone away and their plight for Religious Freedom is their Own!  Our country and it citizens do not deserve another 9/11 now or Ever! We will Never Forget!

   This week has been a short one for me~ I had a chance to spend time with my Mother and Sister in Biloxi which for me is a rare opportunity and time I can never get back~ The Beau Rivage is a delight and has always been a special place to enjoy if you ever get the chance~ Sometimes ya just need a break and getting away clears your mind and refreshes the Soul~ I hope someday you are able to have an experience with them as they Get the word Hospitality!
     I had a ticker I was anxious to share with you today and as with many there emerged a seller when taunted with an attractive bid~ I was not bidding and shared the play with no one as I am Still watching for Our opportunity to pounce~ Could be tomorrow? Could be next week? I really don't know as until it passes all the checks and balances you won't know as I cannot risk you OR I getting hoodwinked! We appear to be on the cusp of the Fall season as a few have seen the $ volume we are looking for to return and attained the Flex450 Goals~ I am gonna say we remain patient and play the ones we are already anticipating updates and News on~ I hope you all Enjoy a fantastic rest of week and I will drop your an Alert as soon as I see one for the Work by Day trader masses to capitalize on to the Goal~ I sincerely believe the one I am watching WILL deliver for us all at some point~ I just have to be certain they have exhausted whats there to be Sold~ The play is STLK! The print came with what I am calling the Final dump!

  As always I wish you the Flex450 Goal no matter what you decide to trade~ If this was Easy everyone would be doing it and finding Nothing but Success~ It's not and you must Maintain good stewardship of your money! IF you become reckless and bite off more than you should chew in a difficult time, you could be left penniless and crying when things REALLY kick in :)  There is NO rush to make a trade in  a sketchy market! Count on a Very slo trading day as the country mourns once again Thursday :(  God Bless America!

    As always these are my thoughts and opinions for the week~ Right or wrong, like them or not its an Opinion! You trade for you always :) I care deeply that you find Success in the OTC pinks~  Hire an Investment Professional before ever dropping a dime in the market or you surely Risk losing Every penny!!!!

Talk again Sunday :)

Jake "Flex" Teaks
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