Hello everyone~

 As usual, I try to share a well thought Opinion and candid thought on what I see in the OTC for the week as opportunity ~ This week is a little different my friends as the MoneyMail is forced to do a little retracing of its own and remind you of a few that have delivered the Goal of a Flex450 and well beyond in most cases not so long ago~ These are still quite vibrant and could see a continuation off renewed interest~ I wanna mention a couple and it's nothing more than a reminder while we await the Volatility we all Enjoy to return to the OTC Market~

 Money is still the issue for the OTC market as little has returned and the money thats trading has Focused on a specific few for a Pile ON trade~ Risky one ta make ,but , when you have everyone and their brother Buying you CAN squeeze a Gain out of them~ It's not impossible, it's just not for me frankly~ Those First Dip BUYs have rewarded several who have been in the NATION long enough to know that the Intro information provided has Great bearing on your trades outcome, IF, you heed the thoughts and opinion shared there :) http://investorshub.advfn.com/FLEX-NATION-25117/
The Goal is to make Money and not become your own worst enemy~ Basic trader 101~ BUY Support , Sell resistance, Enter at Bottoms not Tops, See OTC Pink sheets and review the companies reporting status~ http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/UNGS/quote
, and lastly give that sucker the NATION technical litmus test! Is that 10ma going thru the 50ma? Is the OBV line topped out? Where is the ADX Di+? and is there most importantly, Volume !!! I think if you just trade with these values in place and can confirm where they line up , then your chances for Success to the Flex450 goal exist~ That's the Hope :)

 The latest MoneyMail has again touched on both UNGS and CADY both of which enjoyed updates this week! I think everyone pretty much knows I am embedded in these two opportunities and look to them as the safest haven for a trade this Summer~ So far thats been the case and appears a furtherance is Inevitable~

----> Here are a couple that I see have renewed Interest and should be
kept on close watch for more in the way of a trade opportunity bright right!



This one found a new gear yesterday and I have seen some historically early to the party traders lining up~ I would keep this previous MoneyMail alert on close watch for developments and updates as we all know it can Run like a cheetah given the right $$ inflection and interest :)



This old shell has been alerted and we are yet ta see the New suitor~ The rest of the spin off shells have caught some Major pulses and I would be crazy to think EEGI doesn't follow suit~



Lots to like here and this ones got SO many positives fron the share structure to their debt free status! I sincerely think this one becomes as well a tremendous runner and is developing as we move forward~

Well that's whats on my mind for the week and I as always hope the MoneyMail finds you in a good place~ These are Only Opinions so treat them as such~ You Need to Hire an Investment professional before EVER dropping the first penny in the market or you Surely risk losing Everything!

Finish your week Strong friends!

Your bud,

Jake"Flex" Teaks

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