What kinda Money are you trading?

   Respectfully, have you ever asked yourself what kind of trader you are or wish to become? Do you have  Goals and expectations for this decision of yours to put money you already earned at risk in a  highly lucrative gamble?  Is trading your hard earned money in something as often deceptive and full of  Negatives as the OTC market something that makes sense for you and/or your family ?  Do you have the mental level of awareness necessary to make decisions with authority and decisiveness quickly?  Can you formulate controls in order to protect yourself from the common mistakes of the novice trader and implement them like our Flex450 goal ?  I wish our OTC market was one of vibrancy and vigor each month of the year.  Believe me!  Fact is, the OTC lives and breaths on Money and Momentum and when either wains the resulting market becomes trying at best. With a Summer as dry for trades as I have ever witnessed, it gives me great comfort to know that the MoneyMail remains steadfast in its alerts,and  full of opinion on what you should be asking yourself before making the First trade!   ~

  Its been almost two full months of waiting on a couple we have alerted now as a result of the summer lull.  As always, I remain Firmly planted til something changes and/or everyone trading has reached their Goal~ I surely did not compile DD and study the goings on with such depth for my health on these alerts to you~ I shared them as absolute Opportunity!  I am constantly on watch of these Alerts, be them positives or negatives. I take this very seriously as I care that the opinion shared is always one of competence, thoroughness, and understanding~ IF I could control what these companies do behind the scenes or had some IN that would guarantee us all results then I would be the Guy sharing first! It's who I am , I can't keep a secret and I never was a good liar ,even if they were white ones to my Mom over something senseless~ This OTC is not predictable for even the most experienced~ For the Most part, we create our own luck and hope ta be in the right place at the right time~  It would be easy to follow suit as some of the other Opinion letters and have a trade for you several times a week and even daily in most cases~ I am Not that guy as I have recklessly squandered wealth twice in my Life and was SO fortunate to get it back for one final chance.  I know now to do the right thing and be a good steward of what I worked so Hard to attain !!  Please take one step back before you decide what you wanna do. DO not be swayed by others visions or grandeur for your trade $$ and what they convey as your Come up!  9 outta 10 times it is Not! You have a brain and I suggest you tap the common sense sensors and look before you leap! The OTC is what it is, and there IS Money to be made and in a Big way!  Believe that!  Facts remain, if its Too good ta be True it likely IS, Follow the Money, and Trade what YOU like as they are ALL Suspect ~ If anyone makes the decision to trade it is You.  Make your bed, lay in it, and wake up to whatever side of the trade the  OTC lends ya ~  Unfortunately we Never have a guarantee, we make an educated guess and hope for the Best! That's just the way it works friends~

   OK so then Flex whats the Deal with your UNGS alert? For 2 months you have stated that UNGS was the place to be?  Has something changed?  Absolutely Not!  UNGS is as rare as rare comes for me~ I have stayed the course with UNGS for the simple fact there is nothing I personally see as a better opportunity. To happen on one of the Few that Ever emerges from the OTC Pinks is just a gamble I personally have to take~ UNGS has been tested for the strength of its support and prevailed during this announced quiet period~ I cannot be careless here in not stating the obvious missed launch date for the Sylios site. Do I see that as a big deal? No as with any website and introduction of a potentially New suitor for UNGS control there are obvious reasons to believe that may have had some bearing on this delay to the stated date~ I am not making excuses as I am miffed myself, however , I do share a basic understanding of how things can change ~ I am not stroking the pen here so I have no insider info~However,  I do have some experience and can read filings and public information well :) I believe this week is the start of them meeting a few expectations as dates again come into play~ My hope is we see the convincing events start and our Goals met with ease~
  Some of you Wonder ? Flex what the heck is the Quiet period anyway! This is the time that companies require to register with the SEC and file BEFORE they can say anything to the Public~ The filing this weekend by UNGS states the New Accountant is there for the Completion of just such a filing~ I Never guess when I can read in black and white! UNGS is Now awaiting the clearing of that registration with the SEC  Thats always the Hope and I for one believe I know what I own here~ IF not, I personally made a risky financial decision that may cost me dearly or etch my future here in Stone~ Time will tell and I remain 100% confident I am a good steward of my money :)  GL to All taking a chance and deciding for themselves IF UNGS is the Goose that lays the Golden Egg for them~  https://www.google.com/search?q=Quiet+Period+wikopedia+definition&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=fflb

CADY~ For those of you that really just wanna put a few dollars in what I will call safe haven then CADY is your best bet~ As the installation of the tablets went smoothly at PGA National this week and Revenues Can begin, Q4 should be Incredible!   I wanted to share this event timeline provided by slowplay on Ihub thats pretty telling :)  
Crib notes for history of significant news. 

January 2013: CADY signs agreement for course installs of tablets with Nationwide. 

January 2013: CADY closes first financing. 

March 2013. Digital Caddies lures Mike Loustalot soon to be ex-President of Golfnow on board as the new CADY President. 

May 2013: Sprint signs on as data provider 

June 2013: First 8 courses install the 8” version of the Samsung Tablet 

July 2013: CADY adds advertising executive Ted Bradley 

September 2013: QB Sports with 50 course signs a contract for installations 

October 2013: Troon the world’s largest golf course Management Company with over 200 US courses signs an agreement to install at various courses. 

November 2013: Sprint and Samsung announce the rollout of the new 10” tablet 

December 2013: CADY adds form Troon executive Tim Greenwell. 

January 2014: The PGA National Network of courses signs on. 

March 2014: Double Click, Rhythm New Media, Nexage and Millennium Media sign contracts for advertising rights. 

April 2014: Close of $4.1 Million financing. 

April 2014: Announces launching of integrated platform 

April 2014: Launch of new 10” tablet complete with new software upgrade. New installs start up again. 

May 2014: Two advertising platforms sign on. 

June 2014: Up to $3,000,000 of debt financing acquired.

Digital Caddies, Inc.

9:10 AM ET 7/8/14 | Marketwire (OTC Pink: CADY) (PINKSHEETS: CADY), a leader in the on-course delivery of technology services and content to golfers, has installed their golf car mounted 10" tablets on the first of PGA National Resort's five prestigious golf courses.

Again this summer has not left us much in the way of Opportunities ~ Those holding sideways or slightly up are small victories thus far. Entering the July mid-point now and looking at another likely 45 days ta re-start the action we are used to seeing. This coming Fall should prove to be Very exciting. With elections and changes to Federal regulation on MJ being front and center. Legalization in more states is inevitable as the taxation $$ are overwhelmingly attractive to state and local government~ I say Hold your money or trade what you believe to be Real while we await the opportunities of our generation~ I feel Many will never work again after this plays out. No time since prohibition has a generation seen such an Incredible chance of finding true Wealth as this~ I would Not wanna miss this phenomenon!  You must know I am pulling for all of you to noe Only capitalize ,but, Storm this coming market for Huge Prosperity!

As always , these are my thoughts and Opinions~ Hire an Investment professional before Ever dropping a dime in the market or you will surely Lose everything!

Make it a Great week!



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